About Us

darellDarrell Reid, owner of Reid machine has been in the machining business for over thirty five years. He started his first job in a machine shop in 1974, deburring, drilling and cleaning parts. As time went by he worked in several different shops in Southern California and learned many different manufacturing processes. Darrell’s desire to learn and drive to make things better has given him the respect of many companies and other machinists. In 2005, Darrell was given the opportunity to open the doors of his own company. Darrell attained his knowledge in the precision CNC machining industry through working in the Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, and Medical machining industries. Darrell has also been an avid drag racing fan for many years and was excited to have the opportunity to apply his knowledge in an area that he desired to make a difference in.

Darrell was a manual machinist for 12 years prior to learning CNC programming and operation, in 1994 he started using Mastercam CAD-CAM and has become an accomplished programmer as well as an expert in the field of cnc machining, he is extremely grateful for all of the folks who have contributed to his knowledge base and have taken the time throughout his career to help him become the machinist he is today.