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Here at Reid Machine we have designed and manufactured our own line of racing products.The design of our rockerarms provides the stability required in the Top Fuel, Blown Alcohol, Injected Fuel, and Pro Mod categories. Additionally the Top fuel engine assemblies produce extremely high cylinder pressures. Reid exhaust rockerarms must be as strong as possible and at the same time be stiff enough to maintain valve control. The incorporation of the I-Beam design made from a solid billet of 4340 and properly heat treated provides everything needed to achieve both strength and long life of the rocker arms.

Since 2008, one prominent Top Fuel team has over 400 runs on a set of our exhaust rockers, with several other teams having over 250+ runs on theirs!

We offer re-tipping of our shoe rockers for a nonimal fee, to extend the life of your rocker.

We also offer rebuilding of the roller rockers for a nominal fee.

Our products include intake and exhaust rocker arms, shafts, and stands. Just a few features of our rocker arms include: 

  • Pushrod oiling through the adjusting screw.
  • Chrome moly steel, heat treated to resist fatigue without brittleness, REID original I-Beam construction for minimum deflection.
  • Completely New Design in 2007, not a copy with a new name.
  • Fully CNC machined from billet stock in OUR facility, we control the manufacturing and quality of our components.
  • Developed and engineered with state of the art CAD software.


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426 Valve-train Components


"Top Fuel and Nostalgia late model"

    top fule
1.53 Ratio exhuast rocker, currently being used by many top professional teams, as well as several nostalgia funny car teams. $295.00 each
top fule

Our brand new roller intake. Our intake provides you with more stability than the competition's rocker. Designed and manufactured in our facility.

Various ratios available

$225.00 each




"Blown Alcohol/Injected Fuel/Pro Mod"

    lo ratio
"Lo" Ratio $295.00 each
"High" Ratio $295.00 each
Roller Intake $225.00 each
"High" Ratio Roller $295.00 each
All Roller Rocker Assembly




392 Valve-train Components



Featuring .250 wall shafts, closed bottom stands, and oiling to pushrods through the rocker adjusters, also has an option for additional oiling to the exhaust valves for longer spring life in street or other long running applications.

Complete Assembly Roller Intake, Roller Exhaust




Complete Assembly Roller Intake, Shoe Exhaust



392 Roller Intake, for street or strip applications, with Reid stands.

Various ratios available

$225.00 each
392 roller exhaust

392 Roller Exhaust, for street or strip applications, with Reid stands.

1.5 ratio

$295.00 each
392 shoe exhaust

392 Stock and "Cackle" exhaust rocker, fits stock stand assemblies.

1.5 ratio

$195.00 each




New Products


We will be manufacturing a line of new products during the 2015 sesason.

We are currently working on a 426 Roller Exhaust Rocker. Please check back with us on our progress with our new components.

top fule


We now have the Billet 4340 roller 1.7 ratio and 1.6 ratio intake rockers available for 426 "fuel"!


See 426 valve train components above for more details.