CNC Machining: CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines have revolutionized the manufacturing process and changed the manufacturing industry. With the use of highly automated computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) programs we can produce precision parts. Whether you need a long or short run production of machined components, we can accommodate your project requirements.

blower• CNC Turning: Bar feed up to 3" in diameter and chucked up to 17" diameter and 30" long

• Milling up to X 50" x Y 25" x Z 25"

• Complex Geometry Machining.

• Intricate Assembly of CNC parts.

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CNC Milling

vmcOur milling capabilities meet the most advanced specifications, and our milling manufacturing equipment is state-of-the-art, with Haas CNC milling machines. These machines are committed to producing perfectly milled components and machined parts. Our machines include the Haas VF-5, Haas VF-2, Haas Vf-0, and a Haas Mini mill to meet your milling needs. We have a wide range of milling capabilities, and will meet all customer precision machining requirements. The accuracy of our machines provide a tolerance positioning of +/- .0002"


 •Haas VF-3

 •Haas VF-2

 •Haas VF-0

 •Haas Mini mill

 •Bridgeport Manual Mill

CNC Turning

lateh work Our lathe is a Haas SL-10. We can provide precision turning solutions for all customer requirements with bar feed up to 3" diameter and chucked up to 17" in diameter X 30" long. The part in the photo at right is 17.00" diameter x 10" long.


 •Haas SL-10

 •Logan manual Lathe



  • Pin Gages .011 to 1.00 in .001 increments
  • Calipers up to 24.00"
  • Various Indicators
  • Dial Bore Gages
  • Thread Plug Gages
  • Precision Gage Blocks

We manufacture our own custom gages for individual job requirements.



Reid Machine is proud to be a long time user of Mastercam CAD/CAM software, we are currently using Ver X5, and are very satisfied with the results the software has given us.

Mastercam allows us to meet the needs of customers designs, and it allows the most difficult job to be programmed and manufactured.